Effective Websites – Websites That Work

The starting point

Web sites come in all price ranges, from zero to plenty. Hosting is a similar story. The free and cheapies have very little flexibility but this may be enough for what you need. Most businesses wouldn’t be satisfied with the base options. Identify your expectations, then allow some for some up scaling.

A reasonable organic ranking

Effective websites must have a reasonable organic SEO ranking, especially if you are relying entirely on search engines to bring prospects to your site. But don’t to go too crazy with SEO tinkering. The ranking system is complex and constantly evolving. Small players and new comers can throw a lot of money at SEO and have little sustainable result. If you have no other marketing plan, judicious on line advertising is the most effective way to bring prospects to your site. Be aware, a good piece of copy for SEO is rarely a good selling message.

Drive Traffic Directly to your Site

Enticing prospects directly to your website can avoids exposing them to all your strongest competitors. Other activities to promote your business directly to a target group will create better quality leads and improve your potential conversion rate.

It also allows for more effective selling messages that may not be particularly SEO friendly but are more effective at converting prospects.

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