Full Service Mini Advertising Agency

The Bigger End of Town Use Advertising Agencies

The bigger end of town doesn’t use copywriters and graphic artists, they use Advertising Agencies. They have bigger projects, bigger budgets, and big expectations. The Advertising Agencies can take these on and provide an impressive packaged solution. They have their own copywriters, graphic artists, creative directors, photographers, videographers, talent bookers, media buyers, and account managers. They have fancy offices with picturesque views, stylish receptionists, cafe style coffee machines, fresh cut flowers, and most probably still have long lunches. Have I missed anything? Oh yeah, they cost a bomb.

The Small to Medium End

The small to medium end of town can’t afford a bomb. Some can barely afford a puff of smoke and a piece of cardboard with Bang in felt pen. But everyone can benefit by having a one stop shop for all their promotional and marketing needs. This is the concept behind our Mini Agency offer.

foleywords Full Service Mini Agency

Well, our office has a view of a long neglected median strip and  a rubber plant that’s seen better days. We have a second hand nespresso machine and some home brand tea bags.  And the only time we’ve ever had a long lunch was when the Corolla overheated on the last shopping day before Xmas.

What we do have is low overheads. Our Mini Agency option provides the client with one point of contact, one channel of communication, and one point of responsibility for brand and campaign development, advertising material, packaging, Point of Sale, and other promotional elements. We can take on your projects and manage them from inception to execution and tailor a package exactly to your requirements, and budget.



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