Writing, Copywriting, and Selling Messages

Strictly speaking Copywriting is any text created or prepared for publication. Anyone with a reasonable education can write sufficiently well for everyday purposes but Selling messages are not everyday purposes. Selling messages include all the ideas and copy for advertising and marketing, and include concepts, slogans, and headlines. All elements that catch attention and develop interest. They must be interesting and informative, enticing and compelling, as short as possible, as long as necessary, and structured to manage the notoriously shortening attention span of most readers.

Even at the upper ends of the writing skill level, people like academics, authors, doctors, engineers, journalists, lawyers, scriptwriters, while no doubt likely to be well skilled in their chosen field, are unlikely to be step straight into writing selling messages.

Selling messages are a separate style and skill completely. For the best return on Marketing investment, invest in quality copy.

Every communication can be selling

Government, Community Groups, and other organisations might be not be selling a product or service in the general sense, but they are ‘selling’ an explanation, a procedure, or a solution. Even seeking to enlist support for a point of view is ‘selling’. Selling doesn’t have to be annoying jabber and dodgy discounts. It’s about creating allies for your cause. Whether it’s an end of year report, encouraging a particular health scan, or saving the Purple Spotted Gummy Gecko, it’s about explaining things clearly and winning people over to your point of view. Selling is our core skill. Talk to us about what you’re up to.




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