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Creative ideas

When they think of creative content, many people think of graphic artists, and when it comes to the visuals they’re absolutely right. But usually any project is about more than visuals, and an experienced writer plays a vital part in the creative direction and in balancing the presentation. The best results usually occur the two creative elements work hand in hand, pushing back and forth to perfect that balance.

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Good copywriting is a lot more than being good at English.

Good copywriting is a lot more than being good at English. It’s about communicating a selling message. It has to be interesting and informative, enticing and compelling, as short as possible, as long as necessary, and structured to manage the notoriously shortening attention span of most readers.

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Web Sites that Work

There are a lot of web sites out there and only a small percentage are making the most of their opportunities. The more successful sites have a reasonable organic SEO ranking without sacrificing readability, structure, and flow. We can build web sites that work, with our designer or your own.

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Full Service Mini Ad Agency

Government and the bigger corporations use advertising agencies to provide a one stop shop for all their marketing and promotional needs. Smaller businesses don’t usually have the financial resources for this option, nor the physical resources to manage the various activities themselves. foleywords can provide a comparable alternative at an affordable price.

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Outsource Product Management OPM)

OPM is out full product management service. They can organise and facilitate product design, development, safety and certification, manufacturing and quality (local and offshore), sourcing and logistics, and all the documentation, marketing material, and required sales support paraphernalia.

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