The Selling Message Shrinks

OK, announcing foleywords being ‘go’ in January was somewhat premature. A little over enthusiastic. Nevertheless, although it took a little longer than expected to reshuffle commitments, (well, OK three months), since then we’ve been flat out. We’ve had one big project that’s just winding up, and managed to fit a lot of others smaller projects in around it. Our customer base is developing nicely and in some unexpected areas. Now there’s time for more prospecting!

Have fun finding prospects

Finding new customers is great fun; chasing up your old contacts, scouting for friends of friends who might be likely, and, what some see as the dreaded cold calling. Being successful is always a great feeling; new people, new clients, new challenges. You’ve got past all the people that didn’t think they needed what you’re selling, and made a sale. That sale might be the start of something huge!

Selling is all about the calls

Selling is not complicated. Selling is about making the calls. They might be in person or on the phone. However you make them, the more calls you make, the more sales you make. It’s all about the strike rate. The better you get at refining your prospects, the better you get at delivering your selling messages, the better your strike rate.

 Online, the selling messages are even more important

It’s the same with an online business; it’s about improving the quality hits of the on your site, and improving the numbers that convert to sales. Here you have to rely entirely on the effectiveness of your site design and selling messages.

 Sometimes it means professional help

Many people like to do these things themselves, and, let’s face it, it is good fun, but if better sales are important to you, sometimes it’s better to get some professional help, and when it comes to professional help, we’re the best selling message shrinks around.

If we can help you with something, give us a call.

Either way, have fun. Fun and good selling go hand in hand.

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