Outsource Product Management

is changing. We’ve been successful creating innovative marketing material but clients are seeking to draw on broader skills, the other skills we’re known for as individuals, top notch product management.

So 2015 brings the birth of Outsource Product Management, a joined at the hip sibling enterprise of foleywords. Product management has a strong marketing component and with the advent of OPM we can now offer a service that nurtures great ideas all the way to market success, and then some.

Large businesses and small need skilled product managers but these days no business can afford to maintain skilled staff levels for every eventuality, and smaller businesses struggle to justify the expense of the product management staff they would like to have.

OPM’s great advantage is we can provide exactly as much Product Management as you need: Executive oversight, program or project, month to month, week to week, or even day to day.

And OPM has proven expertise. We have immediate call on more than 20 years experience in the electrical, lighting, air conditioning, and ventilation industries, and have access to extensive expertise in other industries through our broader network. Our multi-disciplined skills and multi industry experience can manage your programs or projects and provide a better outcome than your current system. Call us and we’ll sit down with you and show you how.