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Welcome to foleywords, where the copy’s so good it almost reads itself.

We’ve been a little while on the way but we’re here at last. For the last few years we’ve been working full time with the Scholz Group contributing our part to the building of the Lumex Lighting brand.  The reward has been that Lumex recently achieved the top ranking for an Australian LED brand in a Home Connect Survey, second only to global giant Phillips.  From a start up in 2011 to where it is today, Lumex has been quite a ride.

While we’re still looking after elements of the Lumex product marketing, we’ve let go of a few ancillary things so there’s time to spread ourselves around and get involved in some other projects.

What do we do best? We write great copy for advertising, sales and marketing, PR, and training purposes. In fact, any communication is better when they’re foleywords. And while we are writers first and foremost, we have thirty plus years of experience in Creative Direction and Creative Management. We can contribute to development of design, branding, packaging, POS, and of course advertising, web presence, other promotional elements. We have our regular designers, photographers, web developers, printers and other suppliers. We can bring them in or we can work with your existing resources.

We even offer a Mini Ad Agency service where we manage your project right through – brief in one end, all deliverables out the other – one point of contact, one bill to pay.

We’re specialists in Trade and wholesale area but we‘ll take on just about anything. Read more at, or give us a call,  or shoot us an email .

Peter Foley