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Outsource Product Management

foleywords is changing. We’ve been successful creating innovative marketing material but clients are seeking to draw on broader skills, the other skills we’re known for as individuals, top notch product management. So 2015 brings the birth of Outsource Product Management, a joined at the hip sibling enterprise of foleywords. Product management has a strong marketing […]

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The Selling Message Shrinks

OK, announcing foleywords being ‘go’ in January was somewhat premature. A little over enthusiastic. Nevertheless, although it took a little longer than expected to reshuffle commitments, (well, OK three months), since then we’ve been flat out. We’ve had one big project that’s just winding up, and managed to fit a lot of others smaller projects […]

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foleywords are Go!

        Welcome to foleywords, where the copy’s so good it almost reads itself. We’ve been a little while on the way but we’re here at last. For the last few years we’ve been working full time with the Scholz Group contributing our part to the building of the Lumex Lighting brand.  The […]

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