Copywriter, with masterpieces for every occasion

A brochure, and ad, a web page is there to sell for you. The design is important but the selling messages are crucial. A clever copywriter adds value and ensures a better response to your advertising investment. Get serious about success; add foleywords to your team. We are specialist copywriters, skilled in writing to sell.

Many are writers, few are skilled copywriters

Writing to sell is a unique style; a very specialised skill. It’s poles apart from writing reports, submissions, essays, news stories, Christmas cards, shopping lists, or letters to your Granny. Writing to sell has a style and rhythm to suit that particular situation. It captures the voice of the product and connects with the reader/listener. They ‘hear’ that ‘voice’ and want to listen. It’s not just about product information, it’s about effective selling messages.

Graphic Designers and Copywriters, the best outcome

Designers are talented people but they’re generally not skilled copywriters. A designer without a copywriter is like a foreign movie without subtitles. Don’t let ordinary copy fight with your good design. The best outcome is to have quality visual and verbal messages. This assures success and provides the best value for money.

Your designer or our designer

If you haven’t chosen a designer yet, let us show you what we can offer. We work with a number of great designers, and photographers, web developers, and printers too. This allows us to offer on any project from inception right through to execution.

Outsource Product Management (OPM)

Turning good ideas into great sales often means a lot more than marketing and promotional activities. OPM has more than twenty years product management experience, turning all sorts of great ideas into buyer ready products. OPM can organise and facilitate product design, development, safety and certification, manufacturing and quality, sourcing and logistics, and all the documentation, marketing material, and required sales support paraphernalia.

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We’ve got the ability, we’ve got the experience, and we’ve got the enthusiasm. Give us a call and discuss how we can add value to your business.